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The Don Richardson Memorial Scholarship »

See Rod Pearce's BIG article ... Fuel Curve magazine »

"Cheers to 70 Years Party"     A Great Success!!
Thanks So Much to Lynn, Nancy, Rod and Ronda
Scott Sherman wrote:
Three-score and ten
Never to come again
So many fine folksasdf
Memories and jokes
  Treated like royals
A break from our toils
Thanks and a good life to all asdf
Ever let us, Dons, stand tall!
≈ Burma Shave ≈  asdf  
gif Bruce Stone wrote:
We had such a good time and kudos out to Lynn and Nancy for what they accomplished and asdf
especially to Rod and Ronda for going above and beyond ... to put on such a wonderful party.
The reunion was outstanding, but this party went the extra mile to really come out on top.


sdfg sdfg

Check Out Rick Brandeburg's new CD »


The Class of 1966 Reunion Birthday Bash ~ October 13, 2018 !!
Open to the Septuagenarian Alumni of San Carlos High Class of 1966, their guests & spouses !!

inv inv

Our best -- Lynn and Nancy and Rod and Ronda

Typical early evening scenery at the venue

im6      im
    Due to the advanced geriatrics of our demographic, it will be an afternoon/early evening affair with a mid-day break for naps!!
The Menu looks fantastic, so be sure to remember your teeth!  

Here's an updated version of the menu - hot off the press!

Rick Brandeburg's New CD: --- Hear it on CD BABY »

Additions from Days Gone By... »» Yosemite '68» & Class Reunion '86»
ble Before we all threw up our hands!!
"Climate" Magazine for Redwood City -- Photo taken April 15, 2017
Great article about our school is now in their June 2017 issue [no longer available]
The cement bleachers st the Football Field - only existing structure left!


2 YEARS AGO. . . OUR 50th Reunion Photos:
Reunion Photo Galley from Greg Anderws
Reunion Photo Gallery from Jackie Hawley »»
Reunion Committe Dinner Photo Gallery »»
Many Other Reunion Photos »»

Rick Brandeberg rocks the house with Beethoven (and everyone else) rolling over !!

Thanks to Everyone, we had an AWESOME 50th Reunion!! September 30, October 1 & 2, 2016          

Pics & Articles of Interest... Check Out:

Banned... The Swim?
Latest Great Trekking Photos from the 60's»»»
     Nude Relays »»»
Recent Archival Additions:
(Thanks to Lisa Geraci Fox)
The "Don Carlos Newspaper" Issue from Graduation Day 1966 »»»

Reunion Photos


144 Classmates + 60 Guests Partied Sept. 30, Oct. 1, 2016
Barbara Ahnstedt (Swartling) +Guest
Linda Aikins (Savage) + Guest
Rodger Allen
Scott Allen
Sue Allison (Fri)
Elizabeth Alper Hancock +Guest(Fri)
Mike Althoff + Guest (Fri)
Stan Ambrozy + Guest
Greg Andrews + Guest
Bruce Anthony + Guest
Janice Atkins
Annette Balch (Ross-Hall)
Linda Belton (Valerga)
Jim Bickhart + Guest
Tom Bishop
Don Brandeburg
Rick (Forrest) Brandeberg
Bob Bredel + Guest
Connie Breyer Booton + Guest (Fri)
Deidre "Dee" Brooks (Patty) (Fri)
Barbara Buckhout (Stevens)
Ken Buickerood
Charlie Bunker + Guest
Lori (Carol) Burdett (Lorraine)
Jane Carmer (Cummings)
Sue Chambers (Garratt)
Lefty Chell + Guest
Judy Clark (Grilli)
Julie Clark
Joyce Coffaro
Becky Coulter
Doug Covey
Janis Daley (Fri)
Tom Davis + Guest
John Dawson
Janis Day (Calais) + Guest
Linda DeGiovanni (DiBernardi)
Linda Doty (Robinson)
Toivo (Frank) Dresden + Guest
Fred Duttweiler + Guest
Tom Eckmann + Guest
Peggy Einzig + Guest
John Elliott + Guest
Bob Emery + Guest
Doug Fakkema
Joe Fanning (Fri)
Pamela Faussone (Greene) +Guest
Paul Feyling + Guest (Fri)
Kathy Fish (McTernan) + Guest
Steve Forsberg + Guest
Lisa Geraci (Fox) + Guest
Jim Gildea
Steve Goetz
Nancy Gonzalez (Caro)
Robert Greene
Nancy Greenwold (Hinkley)
Barbara Hanford (Wilde) + Guest
Charles Hawley + Guest
Martha Haymond
Debbie Hayworth (Wade)
Steve Hofheimer + Guest
Margaret Hottle (Groen)
Carol Howitt (Chivers) (Fri)
Terry Hutchin
Vahl Jackson
Linda Jacobs + Guest
Carol Johnson Buuck
Julie Johnson (McDonald)
Nancy Johnson + Guest
Tom Johnson
Charles Kahmann
Grant Keeler + Guest
Karen Kelly (Scarff) + Guest
John Kiesselbach + Guest
Jim Kilburg + Guest
Steve Kottmeier
Julie Lanphere (Mc Bride) + Guest
Jack Lehman
James Leitner (Fri)
Cynthia Levi (Fri)
Cindy Levine (Wynn) + Guest (Fri)
John Lilly
Greg Lindquist
Phillip Lovelace + Guest
Monica Lucia (Evans)
Janis Maehrlein (Davidson)
Roberta Marek (Graham) (Sat)
Linda Maxon (Cosci) + Guest
Doreen McCune (Johnson) +Guest
Sandra McKee + Guest
Rod Merta + Guest
Ed Meyers + Guest
Carol Micossi (Bredel) + Guest
Sue Miller (Lewis) (Fri)
Don Miraglia + Guest
Bob Moll
Bill Monize
Ron Morris
Tami Morris
Becky Mueller
Gayle Mulvey
Catherine Mussio (Boyle) + Guest
Cynthia Nagel (Giem) + Guest
Phil Neth
Noreen Noel (Valenzuela)
Ed Nolan
Darryl Norris + Guest
Patti Otis (Andersen) + Guest
Rod Pearce + Guest
Peggy Pellizzer (Morris)
Sharyn Peterson (Buchholz)
Bob Phillips + Guest
Susan Popik
John Radetich
Elaine Russell
Lisa Sawin (Sundstrom) + Guest
Carol Scharff (Wright) + Guest
Corinne Schembri
Jeanne Schultz (Blanco)
Joanne Schultz (Hall) + Guest
Barb Seely (Slough)
Karen Seely (Martin)
Scott Sherman
Jim Shields
Rudy Shokal
Shay Small (Peck) + Guest
Barb Smith
Audrey Snell (Corey)
Gary South + Guest
Mark Stanley + Guest
Edi (Jean) Stokes (Pferdehirt)
Bruce Stone
Jane Trenholm (Miller) (Fri)
Randy Vogel
Anne Wahl (Benoit) + Guest
Darleen Wakefield (Dobbs) + Guest
Linda Watts (Ewart) + Guest
Jim Weinberger
Lynn Weis + Guest
Carla Williamson (Raffo) (Fri)
Craig Wilson + Guest
Karen Wilson Smedley + Guest
Nancy Wolf (Johnson)+Guest (Fri)
Wayne Wurtsbaugh + Guest

These classmates attended the 50th Reunion held back in 2016


October 1, 2016 Program:






Friday Evening Reception: Attire: Casual
Saturday Evening : Attire: Business Casual (slacks or khakis, open collar shirt)
Class Pride: Please add Varsity basketball after league champs.

Class Pride:    (From some of the email conversations)
The Class Of 66, besides the creation of the "Nude Relays"
which apparently had lasted for years, SC'66 also were the
league champions in Varsity Baseball, Wrestling and many
individual track metals and CA State level accomplishments.

Once we threatened to "Bug Spray" the Scotts »


We're getting some great pictures in...       Check out "Then & Now" »
The 50th Reunion is also being announced at »

April Meeting Decisions:

* Attire for Friday Eve "Reconnection Reception": Informal
* Attire for Saturday Dinner:
Business Casual ... i.e., open collar, no jeans. 
  ...Further Details see Student Handbook »
* Saturday Entertainment: Music of 60s, 70s
by the fantastic "FULL HOUSE BAND"



Wow! Talk about NOSTALGIA!...
Those geezers in the Class of '65
created a video playing our
School Spirit Record »

When in town and craving more NOSTALGIA,
visit the
Museum of San Carlos History
at 533 Laurel Street
Hours: Sat. 1-4

Revisit the Past at the Museum of San Carlos History, located at 533 Laurel Street, open 1-4 p.m. Oct 1st.
The Museum has a display on San Carlos High School (with a great overheard photo of the unique campus). Follow the development of the town with the coming of the railroad, the early Fire and Police Departments, and the many early electronic firms which began in San Carlos. We do have San Carlos High School Yearbooks available for purchase as well as SAN CARLOS STORIES (published for the 75th anniversary of the founding of San Carlos)
and SANCARLOSOPOLY GAME (with 37 local businesses and organizations on the board).

Don Richardson Memorial Scholarship

The ad hoc committee for establishing the Don Richardson Memorial Scholarship has decided to go with the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program at the Sequoia High School Education Foundation.

It is designed to help underachieving students with high academic potential. If you would like to donate, please make your check payable to SHSEF with the notation in the left had corner (Don Richardson Memorial Scholarship). All donations will be acknowledged and are tax deductible.

The checks can be sent to SHSEF c/o Hilary Paulson, P.O. Box 2701 Redwood City, CA 94064.
If you wish to use a credit card, please call Hilary at 650-799-3138 with your info.

Checks can also be sent to Harold Schefski '64 4226 Elizabeth Court Cypress, CA 90630 714-2093753 (cell)

I have received about $2,000 in donations so far from our generous donors. I will send them to Hilary at the end of September. Suggested donation is $100, but we are grateful for $25 or $50 contributions as well.

If you know of anyone from SCHS who might enjoy the opportunity to participate in this worthy cause, please inform them. Thank you for your assistance.

Harold K. Schefski '64
William Popik '63
Dan Petelin '64
Aaron Gannon (Don's Grandson)


They saw it coming... way back in 1956!!!



Here's some song requests from our Registration Questionaires:

Surfin' USA,     Fun, Fun, Fun,     Little Douce Coupe,     Wouldn't It Be Nice,     In My Room,     Surfer Girl,    
Do You Love Me (Now that I can Dance) the Contours,     Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On,     Dancing in the Streets,    
Little Lapin Lupe Lou,     And I Love Her,     I Saw Her Standing There,     Satisfaction,   Light My Fire,
Johnny Angel,     Let's Spend the Night Together,   When A Man Loves a Woman,   Gimme Some Lovin',    
  Can't Help Falling in Love with You,     My Boy Friend's Back,     It's My Party,     Twist and Shout,     Duke of Earl  

   Under The Boardwalk - The Drifters    My Girl - The Temptations     Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
(2 Requests)» Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers        Cherish - The Association       Pertty Woman - Roy Orbison
When A Man Loves A Woman - Percy Sledge         I've Been Lovin' You So Long - Otis Redding        The Last Resort - The Eagles
    Eight Days A Week - Yellow Submarine - Norweigan Wood - The Beatles          Turn Turn Turn - The Byrds       Georgia - Ray Charles    
 Tired Of Waiting - Kinks             Image Of A Girl - The Safaris           12th of Never - Johnny Mathis          Town Without Pity - Gene Pitney
  You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' - Righteous Bros       House Of Rising Sun - The Animals       Cowboy in the Jungle by Jimmy Buffett
Cherish - The Association      Van Morrison - Into The Mystic      Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love       Satisfaction - The Stones 
Show Tunes? South Pacific? I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair!      Try Oaklahoma! »    

Bands - Artists - Genres   -   Marvin Gay
Any Beatles      Any Stones      Beach Boys     The Lettermen      The Doobie Brothers    Moody Blues
Psychedelic-San Francisco-Music       Goldfinger         Mamas & Papas          Four Seasons        Air Supply
 Elvis       Beach Boys          Simon & Garfunkel          Sam Cooke     Credence Clearwater      Barry Manilow
Chuck Berry        Otis Redding        Smokey Robinson     John Denver        (Disco?) (Polka?) (Really?)
Chicago - Showtune: Sout Pacific: I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair!!
Here's some very distinctive replies!!!

Latest Updates

Our Class hasn't had any events since 30 years ago, in 1986!
So we're really out of touch with many of the 493 in our class.

If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of these Classmates,
please Contact the "Team" so we can get Reunion details to them!!

Larger Version » roster

Rick Brandeburg's New CD: --- Hear it on CD BABY »

Here is the Review from Portland Papers:

           No Ordinary Passion by Rick Brandeburg This album has a little bit of everything. Rock, Reggae, World Beat, beautiful vocal harmonies and power ballad love songs. It features some great Portland Musicians. Dylan Vance, Slide & Electric guitar, Griff Bear, Acoustic and Electric Violin, Matt Rotchford on Bass and Jon Beyer on Drums, and Rick Brandeburg on Vocals, Harmonies, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, and Harmonica. Rick is long time Portland musician, who looked back over his catalogue of songs and picked each specific song that he thought this all-star group of players could really shine on. And shine they did! Rick who produced the album, also wanted to feature his son in law, Dylan Vance whom Rick thinks is one of the best slide players around. Vance comes through with smoking hot and soaring leads that will pin your hair back and make you wonder, "who is this guy".

         So whether it is the dazzling Reggae and World Beat of Rotchford's Bass on Soul Revolution, or the rounding out the groove with Beyers tasteful Rhythmic Beat, or the communion of Bear's haunting violin to the reggae sound, playing his harmonies around the beat, these boys know how to Rock! Brandeburg's vocals and arrangements make you feel the very essence of his lyrics and he creates some serious musical alchemy, singing with his longtime co-hort Karen Kaisar. Both Rick and Karen had taken breaks from performing, but they came back into the studio with a soulful vengeance, singing each verse like it was their last. There is a lot of music out there to compete against, but if you want to listen to some seasoned pros who know how to make you boogie right in your seat, with great lyrics and a Oneness of Musicianship, Not Ordinary Passion is an Album, Not to be Missed!

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