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Nude Relays 10 Year Anniversary -A Tradition Started by our Class of 1966!

Ed Nolan recalls:
My brother Ray Nolan class of 74 streaked through the courtyard with a group of his friends but got busted,
forgot to cover there faces, haha! 3 day suspension,I asked him why did u guys do it at a rally, he said he had to continue what the
class of 66 had started, no matter what. Now I have good memories as my brother who passed on 8 yrs ago.

Great Recording ~~ San Carlos High Band Playing Our School Spirit Themes:

Thanks to The Class of 1965

Videos & Campus Images

San Carlos High School Commemorative Plaque
Dedication Videos »             Plaque Location & Campus Map Now »          Compare The Campus 1966 & 2015 »

The campus closed in 1982 and sold in the late '80s.     Class of '62 created this plaque for us to remember.     Dedication on June 23, 2013


Some notable students: Jennifer Granholm: Governor of Michigan,
Mike McCurry: Press Secretary during the Bill Clinton administration,
Rex J. Walheim: NASA astronaut, flying on 3 space shuttle missions.

Videos of the very spirited Dedication Gathering:

1 - Intro & School "Fight" Songs

2 - Story on Creating the Plaque

3 - City Hall Coöperation and The School Architecture

4 - Don Richardson Talks

5 - Cheers, School Outfits and Teachers' Comments

6 - Dedication With "Shout Out" of Favorite Descriptive Words


« Back To Top       Modified from Google Satellite View, this shows the location of the new Plaque-
and the one remaining feature of the original campus, the Football Bleachers!!


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