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                                             MINUTES OF APRIL 9 & JULY 30 [and subsequent]


Minutes: July 30, 2016 SCS Planning Committee Meeting . . . [And further comments below]

Attendees: Chaz Hawley, Jackie Hawley, Ed Nolan, Nancy Hinkley, Debbie Wade, Lisa Fox, John Elliott, Bruce Stone, Ruth Pellizzer, Gayle Mulvey, Greg Andrews, Steve Forsberg

John Elliott gave the Treasurer's Report. 130 classmates and guests registered to date. After subtracting out actual and projected expenses, we have a $308 projected cash "surplus." John also summarized our food agreements with the Sofitel (Friday evening reception) and the Elks (Saturday night banquet). There is some flexibility in our food order. John solicited input from committee members on any adjustments we may want to make.

Greg Andrews gave an update on classmates we have located but to date have not registered. Greg set a goal of obtaining 45 additional registrations for the reunion, which would bring our total number of registrations to 175. Greg asked for committee members to assist in calling classmates and in asking them to call others with whom they "hung out" with in high school. Greg to arrange for a conference call or group skype to get our big push organized and off the ground.

Faculty Invitations: Steve reported that he has not heard back from Bruce Anthony, who volunteered to contact faculty. If unable to contact Bruce, Steve will prepare and send out faculty invites.

Lisa gave an update on the photographer. John to review agreement to ensure there are no hidden costs or commitments (done). Chaz agreed to prepare name badges. Lisa to purchase badge holders and lanyards (done) and provide to Chaz for sizing. Lisa coordinating with photographer on class photo (John addressed this in his conversation with Dane regarding the agreement).
Lisa to contact Raines Videography regarding video recording our reunion banquet.

Chaz gave an update on the website and slide shows. The website will be changing locations (host) effective October 1. Chaz has copied our existing website, to the new site, . This information is currently posted on our current website and on our class Facebook page, San Carlos High School, San Carlos CA, Class of 1966. The slideshow consisting of our senior yearbook pictures is available on our website and will be running on a continuous loop during the banquet. Chaz is also putting together an "In memory" slideshow of those classmates known to be deceased. Steve to bring projector and laptop to the reunion.

Regarding the band for Saturday evening, John mailed a deposit to the band Full House. They will perform from 9:00 to midnight. Cost $700. Chaz has heard the band and met Gary the leader. Chaz vouched for them saying they are very professional and a good rock n roll band.

Steve handed out Charlie's report on golf. The short version is that Charlie sent out an announcement a few weeks ago. The event will be at Poplar Creek (Coyote Point). Charlie and Don handling all logistics, including registrations.

The committee discussed the Sunday luncheon and felt that it would be easier to hold the event at a local restaurant rather than to plan a luncheon. Note: Since our meeting, Lisa and Peggy Einzig discussed. They have concluded that a restaurant would be crowded and might not be conducive to visiting. Peggy again offered the use of her condo courtyard and suggested that the event be BYOL (bring your own lunch). Based on email responses from committee members, this appears to be acceptable to the committee. Lisa to assist Peggy with planning.

Steve was asked if there would be a program? Steve replied that there would be a short program, primarily to recognize all who have worked on various aspects of planning the reunion. Steve also mentioned that we are expecting Coach Drever to be in attendance and that there would be brief presentation to the coach by his former players. The committee discussed some fun stuff, e.g., who has been married the longest, who traveled the greatest distance to attend, etc. That concept needs to be developed further. We all agreed "No Speeches."

The committee discussed decorations. The consensus was that we can make or own decorations at little or no coat. Lisa and Gayle agreed to organize a meeting on the peninsula in the next few weeks to plan and hopefully make decorations. Steve offered to provide beverages.

Ruth Swanson (Pellizzer), Class of 65 reunion organizer extraordinaire, attended our meeting and lead the discussion on logistics for both Friday and Saturday evenings. Ruth has volunteered to staff the desk at both events. She requested that we put together a list of registrants in alpha order that will be used to verify that all attendees have registered. We will put together envelopes with each registrant's name badge and other pertinent information. Ruth has a classmate who has volunteered to assist her both evenings.

Steve brought up a concern that was raised regarding the location of the elks Lodge and reunion attendees driving home down Jefferson after the banquet. It was suggested that classmates be encouraged to use UBER. We concluded with a group photo.


The only thing that we didn't mention, at the meeting that I mentioned to Steve earlier this week. I think we should devise some sort of way of keeping in touch with everybody or those you specifically want to after the reunion. Just a suggestion if anybody wants to. Bruce Stone

Hi Steve, Great notes but I have some corrections. I did not agree to contact the videographer, in fact, I remember saying that my plate is pretty full and I can't take on more. So- I guess we need someone to take that on. Also, I did not agree to organize the decoration-making event, I did offer my house as Gayle's is unavailable. Problem being that I am home only one weekend between now and the reunion- and that may get scheduled, so unless we are talking a weekday, I may have to bail on using my house (would be happy to leave the key under the mat... :) I just re-checked my calendar and the only Saturday I am home between now and then is Sept 10. I do have some weekdays in Sept. I am sorry, I don't mean to sound uncooperative, I am just seriously overbooked until after the reunion. I will work with Peggy to produce some sort of announcement regarding the lunch on Sunday- haven't had time to look at webpage, it might already be announced. And make a poster for the reg table about same. Also- the idea regarding a way to stay in touch after the reunion is great, thanks Nancy. Lisa  

Re the upkeep of contact list - first, that sounds like a significant (unpaid) additional duty for someone, until you look at things. We already have a data base with most contact information for everyone. My personal preference is to organize things like this as an Excel spreadsheet, but that's because I'm not a "Mac" person. My thought is that a web page or a Facebook page would possibly not be the best of ideas - too much chance for personal data to be compromised that way. Maybe an annual newsletter would work to provide updates to all - and also would "catch" any address updates through mail. Hope everyone is well! Rudy  

I can make my house available if people are willing to travel to downtown San Jose. I have a large dining table and a six-foot folding table I could set up for work surfaces. I also have a computer, printer and a box of business envelopes, but no art supplies (or talent.) The following Saturdays work for me: August 13 August 20 September 10 September 17 I will not be offended if someone has a more convenient location. ? Either way, we should agree on a date soon so people can get it on their calendars. Debbie H Wade

Hi Lisa and gang: Lisa, no problem. I'll contact the video guy. It's Raines Video Productions. I spoke with him about eight months ago. I'll reconfirm the arrangement, cost (none to the committee), what he offers and how he markets the video. Debbie, thank you for your generous offer. If we do this on a Saturday, I am available August 20 and 27 and Sept 17. I can make Sept 10 work if that is the only Saturday that works for everyone else. Like you (Debbie), I have no artistic talent but I can be helpful or at least bring beverages. So, that means we need a few of you with some talent and ideas to show up. Also, do any other classmates who might have talent come to mind? Peggy, how about you? Could you be available on a Saturday to work on signs and decoration ideas? Thank you all. -Steve 

Good evening everyone, I contacted the hotel Sofitel and inquired about guests ordering a box lunch on Saturday to be picked up Sunday morning. They do provide this service. I thought this might be an easy answer for out of towners staying at the Sofitel who are planning to come to the lunch. The hotel may have some breakfast options that will work for take out as well, e.g. quiche, fruit, muffins. I am waiting for an email from the Sofitel with the menu and picture of the box lunch. Debbie H Wade


Minutes from the April 9 Meeting:


Treasurer's Report John reported that to date, 31 classmates had registered for one or both events, along with 12 guests, for a total of 43 paid. We currently have $3,900 in revenue and have incurred approximately $1,600 in expenses. Debbie Wade volunteered to be the second signature on our checking account and assist John as necessary.

Web/Creative Design

Chaz Hawley was acknowledged for the great job he has been doing in designing and maintaining our class website as well as for his creative talents.

Status Update:

Steve recapped progress to date, specifically selection of venues, website, Facebook page, database of class members, and MIA search.

Steve passed out the budget and pointed out that much of it was a best guess at this point. We will need a minimum of 150 paid attendees for both the reception and the banquet to break even. If we have 175 200 paid, we should have plenty of cash to cover all costs, including the cost of a luncheon on Sunday. Committee accepted the budget as a reasonable income and expense plan at this point. Committee agreed to extend the early bird rate of $89 for both the reception and the banquet through May 31.

Peggy Einzig has volunteered to host an informal (casual) Sunday lunch at her condo complex in San Carlos. Lisa volunteered to assist Peggy. Ed Nolan and Steve volunteered to assist with cooking and day of needs. Steve will seek others to help out on day of.

Sandra McKee has been doing preliminary work on decorations, including meeting with Kim Martin Walker of the Class of 65, developing ideas and shopping around for prices. Sandra estimates the cost to decorate will be around $800 900. The committee felt that we should be able to decorate for around $500. Final decision will be made in August dependent upon how much revenue we have generated. Bruce Stone, Nancy and Debbie volunteered to help decorate on the day of the reunion.

MIA Search:
Rudy updated everyone on our process for locating missing classmates. Greg, Gayle and Bruce Anthony volunteered to assist in the effort. We agreed that all MIA volunteers should attempt to complete their assignments by May 15.

Faculty Search:
Bruce Anthony volunteered to lead the faculty search and to mail out post cards and invitations. Steve will follow up with Bruce on process. Tasks at Hand

Most in the group felt that a DJ would be more practical than a band and less costly. Bruce Anthony volunteered to check into a San Carlos band named E-Ticket to get price and availability. Decision pending. In addition, Steve volunteered to call Rick Brandeburg to discuss the possibility of former classmates performing a short set of music.

Registration Packets:
Nancy and Debbie volunteered to handle this.

Debbie volunteered to mail out postcards. Steve to provide Class of 65 postcards as template and to ask Chaz to design a postcard with key information. Postcards will be mailed to those who have not registered already.

At Door Registration:
Ruth Pellizzer Swanson (class of 65) has volunteered to handle our at the door registration. Ruth will seek other volunteers from her class. Steve to follow up with Ruth.

Steve has arranged for Reunion Photographers to take individual and group photos at the reunion. Reunion Photographers will also provide name badges and lanyards (at a nominal cost) and will prepare a memory book for sale. Lisa volunteered to takeover further coordination with Reunion Photographers. Steve handed off all information to Lisa.

In Memory:
Steve to discuss with Chaz. If feasible, a slide show to music would be nice touch. Quality of photos may be an issue. A memory board was suggested as an alternative.

Golf tournament:
Charlie Bunker and Don Brandeburg are lead on planning and executing a tournament. Plans are underway. Poplar Creek (Coyote Point) has been reserved. Charlie developing a budget. Cost separate from reunion registration fee. Committee agreed to SC baseball caps for everyone, as Don suggested. Cost of hats will be covered by reunion fees.

No Host Reception:
Sparky's has been reserved. John's daughter has offered to provide alcohol to be sold under her restaurant license along with bartenders. Committee agreed to offer only beer, wine and non alcoholic beverages for sale. Steve to continue to pursue having a food truck onsite.

Ongoing Logistics:
Steve announced that he will be out of state for months of June and July. Greg volunteered to assist Steve with coordinating logistics as we go forward. Next Meeting: Saturday, July 30, 1-4 pm. Location to be determined.